25 Best Money Earning Apps In India 2022

Who doesn’t like to earn some extra cash online? Be it from the comfort of your own home, or while you travel. Sounds great, right?

In this article we will focus on money earning apps in India where you can earn some passive income through apps in a variety of ways, from taking surveys, playing games, winning cashbacks etc

It’s a sea change from the old days when the only way to make money was to sell something. Today, the most lucrative and exciting ways to make money are through apps.

The best part is that most of these apps keep you busy and entertained, so you’re not burning the candle at both ends and sacrificing sleep on the couch.

List of Top Money Earning Apps In India


Developed in 2015 by Vidit Aatrey, Meesho enables small businesses and individuals to start their online work throught social medias such as whatsapp, facebook and instagram etc.

We are talking about India’s top reselling android application and Meesho’s money-making system is one of the best ideas in India.

There are two ways where you can earn money on Meesho, one by referring and the second would be reselling products.

  • If you refer your friends to Meesho, you will earn a sales commission from them.
  • You can order products on your customers’ behalf and earn a commission from them.

Many users, particularly women, use Meesho App to earn a decent monthly income through social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook etc. 

Meesho will send your earnings to you every Tuesday after the return period has ended.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is one of the finest money making apps in India. Google is universal and it’s no surprise that they have their foot in every digital door.

For a fact, this is one of the most downloaded applications on play store and is now available for iOS users as well.

Sign-up, create your account and answer quick surveys. That’s it, thats the premise. You help google consolidate user-generated data; they pay you for your efforts and time.

On an average. You’ll get one survey per week, to keep things simple, the money you earn on this platform is credited to your wallet. 

Google opinion rewards gives you another way to make money online by asking you a several set of basic questions. It will pay you up to Rs. 32 each for every answer. 


Loco pays you for watching gaming videos and playing multiplayer games like Bull Bash, Ludo, Pool, Carrom etc. You can set up your own room and play these games with your friends. 

Besides that, you can play single-player games like Knife Ninja, Furious Road, Aqua Shooter, Bubble Shooter, Merge Mania, Tetris, and many others. 

Loco is free to download, and you can play games in any language you want, including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil. The app is quite popular among the college students as it can make them a handsome amount of passive income in India

The only down side of this app is that you only get a limited amount of gold per day, and you should earn a considerable amount of gold every day to get the minimum amount.


If you’re born in India, you have that crazy love for cricket. Dream 11 gained its utmost popularity in the past few years.

Because it’s based on a cricket fantasy league, it is quite understandable why it has become one of the most downloaded and used fantasy league app in India.

Sign-up with your email address, refer your friends and there you have your guaranteed money. The possibility of earning money on Dream 11 is high in comparison to other apps.

Try your hand, build that dreamy fantasy team and earn BIG! As we publish this article Tata IPL is in the action, take your smartphone, it’s your time to make some planning and execution to nail that. Khelo Dimag Se!


GameZy which started as a fantasy cricket application is now a full fledged online gaming application that lets you play games and pays through paytm cash on a daily basis.

You can earn money by playing rummy, fantasy games, poker, quizzes, ludo and many others. Signup and earn a cash bonus that can be used to enter the contest.

Within 3 hours, your winning amount will be credited and can be withdrawn from your Paytm wallet and bank account.

NOTE: Only one withdrawal per 24 hours is permitted.


MooCash is one of the best money making apps in India. It is known for providing entertainment value and earning money for watching videos. What more could one ask for?

MooCash allows the user to earn up to $5 per day by playing games, watching videos, completing surveys etc. The app pays you in the form of cash, pre-paid recharge discount coupons, and a cherry on top? You can even make money with cryptocurrency.

MooCash also provides their users with Google, iTunes, and Amazon gift cards. Once you have accumulated 3000 coins in the app, you can redeem these reward benefits.

Google Pay

Google Pay has always been at the top of my list because it is a reputable and trustworthy cash-making app in India. GPay, formerly known as Tez, is now a widely used payment application in India.

Referring friends is the best way to earn money with the Google Pay. Be sides  that, you can earn more money by taking advantage of Google Pay merchant offers and cashback offers.

You must make a minimum payment to any Google Pay user in order to receive Rs. 51/- directly into your bank account. If you pay more than Rs. 150/-, you will receive a Rs. 1000/- scratch card. Invite your friends, and you can earn 51/- per referral.

The app has a separate rewards section, with coupons that are refreshed on a regular basis. 

NOTE: Please remember that you cannot earn more than 9,999/- rupees from the Google Pay app in a financial year.


Considered as one of the safest payment apps, with seamless transactions at faster rates, PhonePe is one of the best money earning apps in India.

Pioneered by Flipkart, the app is user-friendly and easy to install. After every payment done, you’ll receive a scratch card, which can be of any amount. Depends on your luck sometimes. You can earn a lot more money if you make larger transactions. Simple.

PhonePe includes plenty of exciting features. You earn cashback when you make online payments, you can invest your money in PhonePe Liquid Funds, Tax Saving Funds, Digital Gold, and so on.

Recharge your phone or DTH, pay your electricity or water bill, and much more. PhonePe is available on both android and iOS operating devices.


Upstox is one of India’s largest discount brokerage investment companies in India . It makes the users very easy to invest in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and also IPOs.

If you want to start investing, I recommend this will be one of the best money earning apps in India in 2022.

However, please remember that this will require you to pay some annual maintenance fee. 

Considering all of the services they provide, Upstox is one of the best source to open Demat accounts in India 2022.

Why do we recommend it? Upstox provides  referral bonus. If you refer a friend, you will receive 1200 INR for each new referral. How good is that? 

If the referred one, opens a Demat account for the first time, you will receive an amount of 800 rupees. And if they invest any money onUpstox account, you will receive an additional 400 rupees.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you can only withdraw your wallet balance if you have money in your Upstox Demat account. Your withdrawal request may take up to 48 hours to process.

Swati Bhargava is the founder EarnKaro; She is also the co-founder of CashKaro, one of the best cashback apps available in India. 


Earning money with EarnKaro is really simple. All you have to do is share deals with your friends and followers.

It works in the same way to affiliate marketing programmes. Just Install the app, join EarnKaro and begin earning money by simply sharing profit links. You can also create your own profit links here.

Many users who do not have a YouTube channel or a website are unable to participate in affiliate programmes such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. In this case, EarnKaro seems to be an excellent place to start your journey.


CashBuddy is yet another excellent money earning app in India. This app dives staright deep and rewards you for completing a various tasks.

Some of these may include as simple as watching a product promotion YouTube video. A user referral scheme, as is standard procedure, is also in place, guaranteeing assured bonuses.

Normally, these rewards range from 50 to 100 rupees. The advertisements revenue are credited to your Paytm Wallet, which you can redeem later.


Would like to get some income by completing simple referral tasks? You read it right.  mCent app is the most effective choice of consumers who want to earn money for referrals.

As the names indicate, mCent pays its users with money for completing online tasks, reading news, browsing internet, checking Facebook, and streaming movies and videos etc. 

This app can be used to do mobile recharges and data balance. The more you use  mcent browser, the more you gain extra points.

The app links you to your Paytm wallet and can be used on both Android and iOS handsets.

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan if translated in Hindi is “daily money”. This app  is one of the most well-known and reputable apps for making money online. Right from the moment you get go, you earn some bucks by just signing up! How easy does that sound? 

Roz Dhan is a fun app that rewards you for referring and inviting friends, entering contests, reading the news or reading the latest updates, installing other applications, playing games, taking surveys, and so on.

Daily horoscope check, visiting famous sites, and solving puzzles are some other things that can help you earn extra money.

Roz Dhan, like every other applications, uses a Paytm wallet to credit your profits and is among the top 10 money-making apps because it is widely trusted.


Champcash is a completely free networking software that allows you to earn unlimited amount of money by recommending the app to your friends and asking them to finish the task.

The tasks include installing and launching 8-10 apps on their Android phones and receive payment in minutes. Do not forget  to include the referral ID which pays you a referral bonus of 60 rupees.

Champcash appears to be more of a chain-money, working independently. Join Champcash today to take advantage of all the finest deals, do surveys, play games, earn money, and have some fun.  The app is quite popular among Indian students.


Cointiply is an application that allows you to earn Bitcoins and Dodge coins, which you can then convert to actual cash through WazirX and Coinbase in other countries.

You can earn money by taking surveys, entering contests, viewing advertisements, watching videos, installing other apps, playing games etc. It also provides loyalty benefits of up to two times the rewards.

This app has over 1 million members that earn free coins. You can also use this app to complete your cryptocurrency quest as well. 

True Balance

True balance is the finest application as it includes a data tracking system as well as mobile balance. Log in using your Google Account and share your talent with millions of people while also earning money.

With True Balance, you can check your prepaid balance and recharge your phone for free as well.  You may even invite your friends to get bonus of up to Rs. 20 each referral.

True Balance is a totally paperless digital app that is 100 percent secure, legal, and licensed by RBI.


If you wish to grow.. Install Groww   Terrible pun. I know. Anyway, if you’re thinking about investing money online, I believe the Groww application is an excellent choice. 

You have the option of investing in SIPs, gold, or stocks. However, in order to invest money, you must first have some information and experience.

There are two ways to make money on groww.

  • Begin your sip (systematic investment plan) in mutual funds and pay it monthly.
  • Investing a large chunk of money. 

Aside from this,  If you refer a friend to Groww, you will receive 100 rupees cash back in your Groww wallet. You can either invest or withdraw this money from your bank.


Shopsy is an official application Flipkart . You can earn money by referring mates and buying on the Flipkart app using this app. 

This app will give you a commission if you order things through the Flipkart app. You can either order things on behalf of your consumers or send them links that include your profit margin.

Besides from that, referring a friend on ShopSy, you will receive 150 rupees in your wallet. That amount allows you to simply withdraw money from your bank or shop online.


My11Circle is a fantasy gaming application, that  allows you to play fantasy cricket and fantasy football. This app also allows you to earn money by beating the experts in the game, winning super leaderboard challenges, and referring friends as well. 

Some of the app’s brand ambassadors include Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, and Rashid Khan. If you refer a new friend, you will receive 51 rupees ollowing that, you will receive 4 rupees for every cash game.

In My11Circle, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rupees. You can make withdrawals using your bank account or UPI ID.


RummyCircle and My11Circle seem to be the same app. The main distinction is that My11Circle is a fantasy sports app, whereas Rummy Circle is a rummy app. If you enjoy playing Rummy, this is most likely the greatest Rummy application for you.

You may make money in this rummy app by inviting friends and playing games. If you refer a new friend, you will receive 551 rupees in your wallet. This amount can be deposited into your bank account.

NOTE: However, keep in mind that each month, only one free withdrawal is permitted.


Vision 11 is an online fantasy gaming application. Sports like, fantasy cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and hockey are just a few examples.

This is a terrific new fantasy app in my opinion. Because this app has the lowest entry price contest compared to any other app. The Great Khali was recently spotted in a Vision11 commercial.

A new user will receive an amount of 300 signup bonus as well as a 100 rupees referral bonus. Beside that, you can receive a lifetime profit commission of 20% on your friend’s investment.

For example, if a friend deposits money into their wallet, you will receive 20% of it in your winning balance.

The minimum withdrawal limit in Paytm wallet and bank account is Rs.100. It may take up to 24 hours for the withdrawal to be successful.

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is  affiliate marketing. It’s a fantasy gaming application from PayTm.  You may earn money with this app by playing games and inviting friends. Sachin Tendulkar is their brand ambassador.

On first games, you can play Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Cricket, Football, Ludo, and much more. This is, in my opinion, the best app for fantasy game lovers. 

 If you have a Paytm Full KYC account, you can withdraw your winnings from as little as 100 to your bank account or Paytm wallet right now.

Paytm First Games includes up to ten thousand referral offers. If you want to earn more free deposit cash, simply invite your friends and earn an enormous number of cash. 


Zingoy is a coupon and affiliate marketing platform. You can make money here by introducing friends, purchasing gift cards, coupons etc. .

Zingoy will provide a lifetime profit commission of 10%. If you have a Telegram channel or a WhatsApp group, you can also earn money by creating affiliate links.

In this case, you need to copy links from the merchant’s website and convert them using the Zingoy website. Anyone who joins using your link will also receive a 25 rupees signup bonus.


TaskBucks is one of the top money making applications in India that allows you to earn extra money by performing basic tasks like installing other apps, browsing other websites, viewing advertisements and videos, inviting friends or relatives, giving thoughts, completing surveys, and participating in contests etc

You can earn up to Rs. 70 each day through referrals, and the money you earn can be redeemed by recharging your phone or withdrawing cash from your Mobikwik or Paytm wallet.

Also, by participating in daily contests and playing Quiz, you can win Extra coins worth up to 10,000 coins per day.


Userfeel is an innovative app that rewards all of its users for usability testing on desktop, mobile, and tablets.

After passing the tests, you will be paid to explore and visit new websites, provide feedback, and conduct other easy tasks on the website.

Each test lasts 15 to 25 minutes and may be completed on your PC, smartphone, or tablet, and you can earn up to Rs. 500 for completing it.


So, these were the best 25 Best Money Earning Apps In India 2022 that we recommend. Hope you liked the article. If you have any suggestions kindly let us know in the comment section below. Thank You.

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